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Virtual Manipulatives (for maths)

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I was reading Danielle’s blog and she has posted a link to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives site. I had a look at it and there are some really useful resources for maths for all year levels. My placement is in a Prep/Year 1 class, so I have only looked at activities for these year levels, but there a some very good ways to use the virtual manipulatives. 

I spoke with my mentor teacher today and they are focusing on addition and subtraction over the next few weeks and I thought some of these activities may be useful in one of my lessons. I did have a couple of concerns however, such as the students probably not being able to complete the tasks on their own as the instructions are written and not overly prep friendly. I was also thinking that this tool isn’t very high up on the SAMR model. I think it is probably just at the substitution stage, as these are activities that can be done with concrete manipulatives. It would be fun, however, for the students to use and it does help improve their ICT skills and maths skills in a different context, so I think it is still useful, perhaps in maths rotations. 


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